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How would you like to change the meetings you attend or lead?

What support do you need to raise challenging issues?

What do you believe is possible when people speak honestly, listen sincerely, and act wisely?

Maybe it’s time you become the one who knows how shift a meeting to focus and participation; who has the courage to pause and restart, or to introduce a new question.

For 20 years, Christina Baldwin & Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit, Inc., have trained a broad spectrum of leaders – project, team, and department managers, consultants and facilitators, clergy and laity, students, and educators – so that they can host dynamic conversations that lead to informed action. This group process is The Circle Way.

The Circle Way is a growing international movement. This year, The Circle Way is incubating within the nest of PeerSpirit and will hatch soon into a global web-based community.

Stay tuned and watch this space for when we reveal a new web presence for The Circle Way.  Sign up for the Circle Tale to stay abreast of these developments, and take your place in this community. 

Tricks of the Trade

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